Frequently asked questions

  • How do I know if Born Social is the right fit?
    Firstly, it's important to understand we don't take on every business who's interested in our services. There are a few reasons for this.
    We believe it's important for the marketing guru appointed to your account to be passionate about your business and it's offerings. This will ensure authenticity and knowledge.
    Also, to uphold the superior quality and service we pride ourselves on, we limit the number of clients each marketer manages, so there needs to be an available slot with an expert who loves what you do.
    We run our business ethically, so if we don't believe we can offer your business exactly what it needs, we'll let you know and where possible, point you in the right direction of who can.
    The best way to find out if we should work together is to contact us. We can have a chat over the phone or arrange a face-to-face meeting.
  • I don't have any social media accounts or a website for my business. Which one is more important?
    Both are very important for the growth of your business, in different ways.
    Social media is a very effective way to be found by new customers and to visually showcase your brand's offerings. It's also a great way to effectively engage and build a relationship with your current customers.
    Websites are important for the discovery by potential customers in Google searches and to provide consumers all the necessary information they require about your business.
    In today's market, consumers look at a business' website and social media accounts to judge whether that brand aligns with their own perceived image. If your business is missing either, or they're not a quality representation of your brand, it will damage your brand's image and you'll constantly miss out on potential customers.
    Have a chat with us and you could have a website and social media marketing up and running for your business in no time.
  • Which social media platforms and websites do you support?
    Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, TripAdvisor, The Food Scene (Melbourne only), YouTube, Tumblr, Vimeo and Foursquare.
    If there's one you're interested in that's not mentioned above, let us know. We'll look into it and let you know if it's something we can help you with.
  • How often do you post?
    Post frequency is different for every account. The ideal number of posts and on what days will be researched and recommended for your accounts. 
    Keep in mind, this can change over time as we get more in-depth analytics from running your accounts and as your accounts and business grows.
  • When's the best time to post?
    This is very dependent on your target market, business offerings and social strategy.
    The optimal times to post will be researched and recommended for your accounts and will be adapted over time. 
    Days and times will vary slightly each week to ensure maximum reach and impact from all of your accounts.
  • What will you post?
    Content creation is time consuming and difficult to keep fresh, which is why it's best to outsource this to the experts.
    We will post a combination of:
    - content created by our photographers of your products, services and/or business
    - on-brand imagery, sourced and available for re-use
    - unique and branded graphics designed by our in-house graphic designer, and
    - user generated content (UGC)
    The perfect mix will be defined by our shared vision for your social accounts.
  • Can I still post on my business' social media accounts?
    Short answer is yes, of course you can. It is your business and they are your accounts.
    However, we have a lot of passion and put so much love and attention into our client's accounts, to make them the best they can possibly be. So, where possible, we ask that you communicate with us about what you'd like to post, so we can tweak it to fit in with the voice and aesthetic of the rest of your feed/s.
  • What's the process? How do we get started?
    Step 1: A one-on-one consultation with one of our marketing experts, where you will provide us with as much relevant information about your business as you can (eg. target audience, products/services, competitors, etc.).
    Step 2: We will put together a social media strategy for your business, based on this information and our own research.
    Step 3: Once you have approved the social media strategy, we will arrange your first photoshoot and begin setting you up (eg. joining all of your accounts, systems set-up, audience creation for promotions, photography brief, etc.).
    Step 4: We will create your first schedule for the next fortnight/month and begin posting on your social media accounts. You can either opt to view each schedule and approve each post, or you can sit back, relax and let us do our thing.
  • How long are your lock-in contracts?
    We do not work with 12, 6 or even 3-month lock-in contracts. Instead, we believe in ensuring everyone within the working relationship is happy.
    We work closely with our clients and encourage open communication, particularly in the beginning, to ensure everyone is getting the results they envisioned.
    If, for any reason, you wish to terminate our services, we require only one month's notice.
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