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Auscrown, a company with roots dating back to the 1960s, lacked online visibility until 2020 when they engaged us. Our mission: establish them on social media. Our strategy combined creative content with ads, driving early online sales success. Fast forward to 2023, our collaboration with Auscrown remains steadfast and dynamic.


With Auscrown's complete lack of online presence, our main goal revolved around generating awareness and nurturing a loyal following, ultimately generating sales either in-person on online. Employing a fusion of organic and paid strategies, we educated and transformed new followers into valued customers.


Our vision involved the creation of a social media strategy rooted in purposeful storytelling and informative content around products, tips, and more. The introduction of Reels, showcasing the team and how-to content, caused engagement to skyrocket. Furthermore, our organic social media endeavors were complemented by paid Meta ad campaigns, thus raising awareness, boosting engagement, and ultimately driving online sales.


We witnessed 1,231 new Facebook page likes in under 5 months and a shocking 12.72 return on ad spend for a Meta ads sales campaign.

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Born Social has managed our social media for the past few years, taking care of posts and content creation. Viv, our manager, is friendly, efficient and professional. Most importantly she really listens to our requirements and works with us to implement those ideas. We've worked with multiple staff from Born Social and are very happy with the results they've delivered

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