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DiVino, an Italian eatery nestled in Melbourne's scenic Yarra Valley, partnered up with Born Social to enhance its brand visibility and drive more customers through its doors. Yearning to spotlight their delectable Italian cuisine, unrivalled in the Yarra Valley, the eatery aimed to boost its online presence and entice more patrons to make reservations and visit their premises.


Despite its grandeur, DiVino was often overlooked by visitors, prompting us to ignite a new creative vision to showcase its splendour to the world. Through the lens of social media, we used high-quality content and storytelling to capture the essence of DiVino, drawing inspiration from the lush vineyard surrounding the eatery. The results were remarkable, each image a testament to DiVino's unique Italian offering. We are proud to have been a part of this project, bringing DiVino's


The team saw a 4000% increase in Instagram followers and a 20% increase in Facebook followers in 12 months. Paid social advertising supported brand awareness and engagement, with Facebook Page Reach increasing by 6,600% compared to the period before Born Social took over.

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