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Born Social played a pivotal role in enhancing awareness for Sunset Gin, a relatively new and unfamiliar gin brand in the Australian market.


We devised both the organic and paid social strategy for Sunset Gin, strategically crafted to resonate with the primary target audience. Our art direction guided the content creation process, involving the utilisation of our photography studio for capturing visually appealing imagery, and designing graphics that enriched Sunset Gin's social feed. By employing professional studio photography, compelling graphic design, and captivating copywriting, we forged a cohesive digital brand, elevating Sunset Gin in the competitive Australian liquor market. To boost brand awareness and online sales, we implemented targeted paid advertising campaigns on both Facebook and Instagram within Australia. In an effort to strengthen Sunset Gin's organic online visibility, Born Social developed and created unique recipes, capturing them through visually striking and high-quality videos and imagery. These videos were skillfully edited using trending styles and sounds to amplify the account's views and engagement.


Over the course of six months, we achieved a remarkable 125% increase in engagement, 7,000% increase in reach, and 5,800% increase in impressions on Sunset Gin's social media platforms.

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