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MAITA (by Tang Food Emporium) is Caulfield North's hottest and latest Asian supermarket. Born Social launched MAITA's social presence to generate hype pre- and post-launch.


As Maita is a newly established venue, our primary objective was to generate awareness and excitement around it. We were tasked with crafting a playful brand persona to appeal to their youthful target audience. To achieve this, we leveraged captivating graphics and engaging high-quality imagery. To create a buzz for their grand opening launch, we adopted a creative and out-of-the-box approach to spread awareness and encourage word-of-mouth promotion throughout the community. We had the exciting opportunity to launch MAITA's social media presence from scratch. By meticulously curating an eye-catching feed, incorporating relevant short-form videos, personalised graphics, and captivating imagery, we successfully projected MAITA's desired brand image, positioning it as a trendy one-stop-shop for all your favourite Asian groceries. Our comprehensive social strategy effectively conveyed key messages about the venue, fostering high audience engagement throughout the process. In addition to our organic social media strategy, we also ran targeted awareness and engagement ad campaigns across Meta platforms to maximise reach.


500 organic Instagram followers within the first 3 months 225 organic Facebook followers within the first 3 months 25.54% engagement rate on Instagram 221k impressions across ad campaigns

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Client Testimonial

We have had a really positive experience growing our social media presence with Born Social over the last few years. They are great to work with and are always providing valuable insights about current market trends. Special shout-out to Viv- An incredible account manager!

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