Kicho Black Rock engaged Born Social to assist with social media management. Our objective was to create compelling content that showcased their offerings while enhancing brand visibility in Black Rock and nearby locations. Employing a combination of organic and paid strategies, we effectively educated, engaged, and converted new followers into repeat customers.


From the get go, we recognised Kicho's exceptional food quality aimed to amplify their reach through social media. Our fiery vision involved implementing a captivating social media strategy rooted in personable storytelling. By crafting graphics inspired by the in-store elements, we offered followers a glimpse of the dining experience within their feed. Incorporating Reels further enhanced engagement and attracted a surge in followers within weeks. In tandem with our organic social media efforts, we also executed various awareness, engagement, and booking campaigns across Meta platforms, yielding remarkable overall outcomes.


In under 8 months, we saw a 2k increase in followers on Kicho's Instagram, a 2000% increase in daily reach and a 1222% increase in impressions.

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Client Testimonial

"Hey team, thank you so much for everything you've done for us thus far, & for always listening to our needs. We appreciate all the great posts you created for Kicho!"

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