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PetPost enlisted the services of Born Social with the aim of enhancing various aspects of their social media presence, including the aesthetic of their feed, engagement rate, follower growth, and overall revenue. Being a discounted, online-only brand, PetPost also sought assistance in dispelling any doubts about their legitimacy or authenticity, particularly among new potential customers. We aimed to boost PetPost's brand recognition in the digital sphere, enhance their brand image, foster an active and loyal community, and ultimately increase their website traffic.


Following the formulation of PetPost's social strategy and objectives, we conducted a graphic refresh, introducing an enhanced art direction for both their organic and paid social media. This updated creative direction and strategy were seamlessly integrated into the planning of their photo and video shoot, yielding assets that portray PetPost as a fun, approachable, and trustworthy brand.


In a span of four months, Born Social achieved a 15.78% growth for PetPost's Instagram account and a 2.82% increase for their Facebook page. One of our successful initiatives included the creation of a reel aimed at educating the audience on proper product usage. This reel reached 40.7k accounts (107 followers, 40.6k non-followers), garnered 51.8k plays, was shared 245 times, and saved 262 times.

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Client Testimonial

Collaborating with Born Social has been an absolute pleasure! Their expertise has significantly boosted both our organic and paid social media efforts and their proactive and supportive approach to our business has been exceptional. Communication with Born Social is seamless; they consistently respond to messages promptly and are always open to testing and exploring new ideas. I wholeheartedly recommend working with Born Social – their dedication and results speak for themselves!

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