Facebook Ad Account Disabled? Here’s What To Do!

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Has your Facebook ad account been restricted from advertising?

You’re not alone! 

According to this Facebook Advertising Reddit thread, a growing number of users are reporting their Facebook pages and ad accounts are being restricted and disabled by Facebook cracking down on ad violations through their overly-sensitive AI.

This Page isn't allowed to advertise. This is because the Page didn't comply with one or more of our Advertising Policies or other standards, such as having too many ads rejected, attempting to circumvent our ad review process, participating in fraudulent behavior, or associating with untrustworthy accounts.

Why did my account get restricted?

Facebook is telling users their ban is due to "inauthentic behaviour or violations of our Advertising Policies or Community Guidelines" Or "Circumventing Systems”. 

If you ask for more specific reasons, they refuse to elaborate, claiming “we are unable to give the exact reason to avoid data manipulation.”

Top 3 Reasons for a Facebook Advertising Ban:

ONE: Your Ads are Violating Facebook’s Advertising Policy

  • Ads promoting sex, gambling, or violence.
  • Ads promising to help people make money.
  • Dating ads from a non-approved dating vendor.
  • Too many rejected ads 
  • Low Feedback Score

TWO: Facebook Suspects You of Committing Fraud

  • Using Facebook from different IP addresses
  • Drastically increasing your spend on ads (try not to increase your budget by more than 15% a day!)

THREE: ‘Suspicious’ Landing Pages 

There are rules you must follow when setting up a Facebook landing page! Facebook reviews your landing page when reviewing your ads. Here’s what to avoid:

  • Non-functional, non-user-friendly or disruptive content on landing pages
  • Landing pages that do not align with your ad content
  • Linking to a prohibited product or service (such as gambling or tobacco)

How to get a restricted Facebook page or ad account back?

Okay, the damage has been done and you’ve been zucced. What now?

Request a Review

Head to Account Quality, where Facebook should let you request a review. From here, you might need to submit proof of identity by uploading a photo of your ID.

This could take days, weeks, or even MONTHS. 

Contact Facebook Support

There are several ways to contact Facebook about your disabled or restricted Facebook page or ad account. By using the Facebook Help Centre, Partner Support, emailing or calling, you can get in contact with Facebook to get your account back. 

Here is a full list of Facebook contact options.

From here, Facebook will decide whether they will re-instate your page, or if it will be permanently banned. 

Good luck!

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