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Why Social Media Advertising is becoming a powerful player in the online advertising game

Since Facebook first launched it’s advertising platform in 2005, no one expected that it’s advertising revenue would reach a whopping $9.3 billion just twelve years later. With the decline of the banner ad, businesses are always searching for alternatives. Paid search tools like Google Adwords are great for driving traffic to your site, based on users searching for your services, but if there are no identifiable (or affordable) keywords available, many businesses find themselves lost. Not-to-mention, businesses that want to focus on brand awareness strategies, rather than capturing users during the search process may find little value in search engine advertising.

The good news for businesses is - Facebook ads are relatively cheap compared to other forms of online advertising, these campaigns are extremely effective and can be simple to measure. The information that floods Facebook’s databases is extremely detailed and can allow advertisers to get right to the heart of their target audience, from a user’s age, gender, interests, job title, earnings, religion….you name it, Facebook likely knows about it!

By being able to target such a specific audience, Facebook advertising ensures every cent of your budget is relevant.

We include boosting credit in all our packages to make sure our clients are getting the best out of their social platforms. As we are able to target such specific audiences with the use of Facebook’s detailed advertising software, we can guarantee your boosting credit is spent in the most effective way possible and you will watch your followers, engagement and impressions grow.


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