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How Facebook WiFi can benefit your business

How Facebook WiFi can benefit your business

What is Facebook WiFi?

Facebook has recently launched a new WiFi feature for businesses to offer their customers.

For businesses that have walk-in customers, Facebook is now offering a WiFi option that is attached to business profiles, allowing customers to use the business’ internet connection straight from their business Facebook page. This is helpful for both visitors and the business as customers are attracted to businesses where they can obtain a WiFi connection.

So far, it has provided businesses with more activity on their Facebook business page and has proven to be helpful for social engagement and digital marketing.

People can search for nearby WiFi

Facebook now gives users the ability to search for nearby free WiFi zones, attracting people to your business profile. 

No more password sharing

Businesses simply have to approve a user rather than sharing WiFi passwords to visitors.

An increase in followers and engagement

When visitors are able to connect to your WiFi through visiting your Facebook page, it increases likes and followers on your page.

Facebook WiFi also works with Instagram

Facebook and Instagram are both owned by the same company, therefore all Instagram users can also access a business’ WiFi with their Instagram login. This also increases follows and likes on your Instagram profile if it is your customers’ preferred channel.

How do I setup Facebook WiFi for my business?

  1. Ensure your have a Facebook WiFi compatible router. We recommend the Netgear WAC505 or TP-Link Archer C50. 
  2. When setting up your router, be sure to enable Facebook WiFi and pair your Facebook page. Note, you will need to also be the admin of your business’ page to set this up. For help, please see our blog post on ‘Facebook ownership’.
  3. Check to see whether Facebook WiFi is enabled by reconnecting to your WiFi network. If enabled, you will see a dialogue box asking you to connect to WiFi by logging in and checking in on your Facebook page.