Instagram Announces a Major Update: Blue Check Verification for All

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Instagram has just announced a major update that will allow everyone to get verified or receive a blue check on Instagram. This update is huge, as it will also come with an increase in views and prioritisation with customer support, among other benefits.

Before this announcement, getting verified on Instagram was a long and difficult process that involved hiring a reputable PR firm and paying them between $10,000 and $30,000. However, those days are over, as Instagram has rolled out a subscription that allows anyone to get a blue checkmark for a monthly fee, similar to Twitter's verification process.

While this update is currently only available in New Zealand and Australia, it will be rolling out in other countries soon. This is a big deal for influencers, businesses, and anyone looking to grow their presence on Instagram. Verified accounts get increased exposure and can build trust with their followers, making this update an essential tool for anyone looking to monetise their platform.

In today's digital age, identity theft has become a major concern for social media users. While some big tech companies are offering paid services to help prevent such crimes, it raises questions about fairness and equality. Many users wonder whether it's reasonable for social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to ask people to pay for additional security measures when it's something that should be offered as a standard feature. After all, social media has always been free of charge, so why should users have to start paying for it now, over a decade after Instagram's initial launch?

Overall, this is a game-changing update that will level the playing field for everyone on Instagram. No longer do you need a tonne of PR online about you, or pay tens of thousands of dollars to get verified. Now, anyone can get a blue checkmark and increase their visibility on the platform.

Here's how it will work:

1. Select a profile

Go to ‘Settings’ on Instagram or Facebook. Click ‘Accounts Center’, then ‘Meta Verified’. If it’s available for your account, you will seeMeta Verified available’ under your name and profile photo.

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2. Set up payment

Select your preferred payment method for your monthly payment.

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3. Confirm profile and provide ID

Complete the verification process and provide a government-issued photo ID to confirm your identity before being approved for a Meta Verified subscription.

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You can join the waitlist to hear more about Meta verified here.

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