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Forget what you know about filters and followers… the latest viral app has finally arrived – and it’s like nothing we’ve seen before.

Unlike Instagram, Tik Tok and Facebook – where we can edit our content and spend countless hours scrolling – on BeReal there’s just one rule: be real!

The platform works by sending the same randomly timed notification each day to users, whether it be at 7am or 11pm. In that moment, BeReal gives users 2 minutes to take simultaneous photos using their front and back phone cameras.

No matter if you are out for dinner, on the couch or on a coffee run – you take the moment to ‘be real’ and share what you’re doing with friends.

Although you can share your photo late or re-take the photo if you please, the app keeps you accountable, making this information transparent to your friends.

As the company states, “BeReal is your chance to show your friends who you really are, for once.”

Removing influencers, ads and brands, it’s simply a unique app created with the sole purpose of keeping up with friends and discovering who they really are in their daily life.

Having grown by 1.2 million users in the last year alone, we are keeping our eyes peeled to see what’s next for BeReal!

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