Scheduling Instagram Reels: Everything You Need To Know

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Calling all social media managers and creators! The day has finally come...

No more mid-dinner reel posting or relying on third-party scheduling programs- we can now schedule a post or Reel straight from the Instagram app.

Explained in their recent post, Instagram has rolled out a brand new feature that allows creators and businesses to schedule a post or Reel up to 75 days in advance.

Simply go to create a Reel as you normally would, via the ‘+’ sign on youraccount’s profile. Once you are happy with your content, press ‘next’ to add your caption, hashtags, followers and tags. Then, scroll down and you’ll find the ‘advanced settings’ prompt. Follow this through and you’ll have the option to ‘schedule this reel.’

From there, you can choose the exact date and time you’d like your post to be scheduled  - it’s that easy!

Now that you’re super organised and have scheduled all of your clients’ Reels two months in advance, you can always jump in and make changes! Looking at your account profile, follow the button in the top right corner to find the ‘scheduled content’ prompt. Here, you will find all of your scheduled Reels and posts in chronological order, allowing edits to be made prior to posting.

Wishing your personal account could also be this organised? For now, you’ll have to keep manually posting on the gram, as this feature is only available for users who have a business or creator account.

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