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Coke vs. Pepsi? Target vs. Kmart? iPhone vs. Samsung? The great debates of our time, and much like these rivalries, TikTok vs. Reels seems to have most of us Millennials, Gen Next, Y, Z and iGen questioning and arguing which platform cultivates more engagement than the other.

We know one thing for sure, Instagram and Tik Tok can have a huge impact on your business!

You might be a micro-influencer starting out your journey within the social realm, or a small business start-up, trying to make a name for yourself in an overly saturated market. Either or, decisions around which platform you should be gravitating more towards are at the forefront of your business and content strategies.

Both apps essentially serve the same purpose: they allow users to quickly create, edit and share fun, exciting and polarising short-form video content. Both Reels and TikTok allows users to curate content with filters and effects, as well as providing a wide range of trending songs and sounds. It’s not a question of functionality, but perhaps, a question of algorithm and views.

There’s a few factors that contribute to which short-form video platform will work best for you or your business. One being that TikTok is an already over saturated platform and is seen as highly competitive for both influencers and brands. On the other hand, if a brand/micro influencer is starting out with little to no following on Instagram, then going ‘viral’ can be increasingly difficult, and generating views and engagement on Reels can almost be impossible.

So, if you’re looking to achieve reach with your content and build an audience from the ground up, then I’d suggest TikTok might be the winner. If you’re already established and are wanting an organic boost in your reach and engagement, then Reels might be the platform that will best suit!

Research is always imperative when starting out. I believe  being equally as active on all platforms will ultimately help you grow your brand or business.

Consumers want to see consistency! Consistency matched with a strong marketing presence and unrivalled content planning can boost your engagement, both paid and organically to extreme heights!

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