Social Media Trends To Expect in 2020

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2019 solidified the fact that social media has become a key part of many people's daily routines. This year saw another huge increase in content uploaded to social media platforms, therefore it’s more important than ever to create a social media strategy that makes you stand out!

Keeping ahead and in-touch with trends is the best way to be seen in the flood of content on social media. We’ve outlined 6 social media trends that we believe will soar in 2020.

1. Video content will lead

Video content is extremely engaging and generally performs better than static content. Whether it be short form video content like Instagram stories & GIFs or long form video content like YouTube or Facebook live, video will dominate in 2020. Videos are a great way for brands to provide value and to entertain their customers.

2. Short lasting content will continue to rise.

Instagram stories, Snapchat, & TikTok will continue to perform well in 2020. Our attention spans have shortened and we are now consuming content differently. We predict short, engaging and addictive content to perform well in 2020. Marketers should use this to their advantage and incorporate Instagram stories into their 2020 social media strategy.

3. Influencer marketing will continue to thrive, with a focus on micro-influencers.

Brands will be, and should be, more interested in influencer's insights more than ever. Trust and authenticity has proved to be an important part of influencer marketing in 2019 and will continue to grow in importance in 2020.

4. The development of social-commerce will continue to grow.

Social-commerce, the ability to shop directly through social channels, has been in practice for many years through Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram. The use of this feature will increase in 2020 as the usability develops and improves. Eventually, these purchasing channels will be used just as much as websites and online stores.

5. Social media will continue to perform well as a means of customer service for brands.

Social media is now so much more than just a place to connect with friends. We know that newer generations flock to social media first for advice, reviews and to help them make decisions about where to spend their money. They also go to social media first for customer service. Brands are recognising this and creating easier means of contact through social media for customer service enquires. Brands also must handle these enquiries correctly as many conversations occur on a public platform.

6. Advanced targeting and personalisation will be even more predominant

Have you ever clicked on an Instagram ad and later noticed that ad or similar ads pop up again and again and again? Personalisation and targeting has reached an even higher level and will only continue to improve in 2020. It will allow social platforms to better understand what type of products users like and buy from, serving users with ads that they are likely interested in. For brands, this means continued advanced targeting for digital advertising.

Social media is a progressive space and keeping up with social media trends is paramount for brands. The predicted social media trends for 2020 show us that social platforms are working harder than ever to keep consumers on their platforms for longer. Brands should adopt trends that encourage users to stay on these social platforms, to ensure that their content performs at its best.

Bring on 2020, we were born to do this!

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