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Feeling uninspired, unproductive and perhaps a little bored planning content for social media posts? Artificial Intelligence (AI) is rapidly becoming a new BFF for copywriters and content planners! With AI, you can turn basic ideas into captivating captions with the click of a button. We’ve been testing the waters with the many AI platforms out there and these are our top 5 AI generators for social media posts and the pros and cons of each.

  1. Captivate by Sked
  2. Copy AI
  3. Magic Write by Canva
  4. Frase
  5. Open AI

1. Captivate by Sked

Coming in at #1 is the new Sked AI feature called ‘Captivate’. We LOVE this feature for a number of reasons. The new Captivate AI feature from Sked is an exciting and innovative way to generate social media copy, and the best part is, it's integrated into the one of the most popular social media scheduling platforms. This technology can save businesses time and resources, and it can also create compelling and engaging copy without a lot of manual effort.


Captivate is conveniently integrated into Sked’s social media scheduling functionality.

Adds relevant emojis to AI generated captions.

Provides hashtags.

Gives you 5 different caption alternatives.


Can get expensive. Requires a paid subscription to access. Pricing starts at $21 USD/month for just 1 account.

Spelling and grammar can be inaccurate.

2. Copy AI

One of the most popular AI caption generators is Copy AI. Copy AI uses natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML) to generate captions for social media posts. 

Copy AI can be used to create captions for any type of content, including images, videos, and audio files. It is also able to identify the content of the post and suggest captions that are relevant to the content. 


The major benefit of Copy AI is that it is easy to use and fast, allowing you to quickly generate captions for social media posts. 

Free option available when generating 2,000 words or less per month.


Paid subscription is quite expensive, starting at $49/month.

Less useful for generating long-form content.

3. Magic Write by Canva

Being a tool that most social media managers would already have at their fingertips, Canva has stretched its user-friendliness into the world of AI with its all-new Canva Magic Write tool.


You can generate not only text, but templates and graphics. 

Canva Magic Write can also reduce large blocks of text into bullet points - handy if you are writing copy for social media inspired by large blogs or website copy.

Offers long-form content.


Requires a paid subscription to access.


Frase is another AI caption generator that is popular on social media, using natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML) to generate captions for social media posts. We found this has great potential for writing copy for SEO, but there are still some improvements to make.


Generated copy focuses heavily on SEO.

The major benefit of Frase is that it is easy to use, and it can generate captions quickly and accurately. 


Occasional grammatical errors.

Paid only.

5. AI Writer

AI Writer is a very user-friendly AI copy generator, equipped with an SEO Editor and Text Rewording function for rewriting blocks of text. Though AI-Writer has a great user interface and several functions, some bloggers have reported the AI copy generated by AI Writer has been flagged for plagiarism.


Great for SEO.

Easy to use.


English only.

Requires paid subscription.

Has been shown to fail plagiarism checks.

So, the future is officially here! (Almost). AI generators are able to support copywriting, inspire creative ideas and optimise copy for search engines. But, should you give your social media agency your notice? Definitely not! While our top 5 AI generators for social media posts may have great potential, there are so many aspects of your social media marketing strategy that need that human touch and expertise. Read about why social media agencies are still crucial, despite the emerging ability of AI.

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