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Social media agencies are vital for businesses today, as they provide expertise and insight into the ever-changing digital landscape. With the emergence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its ability to automate certain processes, such as writing captions for social media, generating creatives, and analysing data quickly, you might be wondering ‘Will AI make my social media agency redundant'?

In short: AI will not make social media agencies redundant. The truth is, AI is an invaluable tool for social media agencies, but it cannot compete with the insights, expertise and emotional intelligence of humans.

Then, why do social media agencies use AI?

The main advantages of AI for social media agencies are:

  • Better time efficiency & increased productivity
  • Automation of mundane tasks
  • It gets the creative juices flowing

AI can help social media agencies automate mundane tasks such as writing social media posts and responding to customer queries. Automating such tasks allows social media agencies to dedicate more time and resources to creating content that resonates with their target audience and optimising their campaigns for SEO. AI can also help social media agencies identify trends and insights that they can use to create more effective and engaging content.

AI can also help us analyse large amounts of data quickly. This enables us to identify opportunities for our clients, as well as determine which campaigns and strategies are working and which need to be improved.

Finally, AI can help social media agencies optimise for SEO. AI-powered tools can help social media agencies ensure their content is optimised for search engine algorithms, as well as identify keywords and phrases that can help their content rank higher in search results, helping agencies reach their target audiences more effectively and efficiently.

What are the downfalls of AI generated copy?

Firstly, AI generated copy may not always be tailored to your target audience, as it’s difficult to create copy that speaks to everyone. Additionally, the copy generated by AI tools can be generic and lack the same level of creativity as manual work. AI cannot think outside the box, like humans can.

Tone of voice is crucial in social media, however AI generators can often miss the mark. It may not be able to accurately capture the tone and personality of the brand in AI-generated captions, which can be important for engaging with customers.

Why is my social media agency still important?

At Born Social, we are a team of experienced, qualified digital marketers. Our team members have completed tertiary degrees and further training in Marketing and Communications to develop strong skills in social media strategy. 

Knowing what works, when it works and how to execute strategy and portray accurate messaging for different clients and objectives is a skill unique to the human expertise. Importantly, our team members are matched with clients whose offering they are passionate about, adding a sense of care, empathy and emotion unmatched by AI generators.

In conclusion: AI will not make social media agencies redundant. Instead, AI can help social media agencies automate mundane tasks, analyse data quickly, identify trends and insights, measure ROI, and optimise for SEO. By leveraging AI, social media agencies can create more effective and efficient campaigns for their clients, helping them reach their target audiences more effectively and efficiently. The human elements of expertise, creativity and emotion required for effective social media strategies can not - and will not - be matched by AI.

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