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Born Social played a pivotal role in the Australian launch of CRIMPiT, a beloved kitchen gadget from the UK. Our mission was to replicate the gadget's cult-following success and translate it into the Australian market. By devising a comprehensive strategy tailored to the local audience, we crafted compelling content and graphics to populate CRIMPiT's social feed and advertising campaigns. Through our creative direction and strategic implementation, we aimed to establish CRIMPiT as an essential culinary companion down-under, much like its reputation in the UK.


In orchestrating the introduction of a fresh brand into the Australian market, we harnessed the power of professional studio and on-location photography and videography to craft the CRIMPiT Australia identity. Our strategy tapped into the pulse of current trends, leveraging trending audios and video styles to seize the consumer's attention and ignite a desire to purchase. Our objective was to generate a buzz that resonated, and this was accomplished through the creation of dynamic reels across both Instagram and Facebook.


Embarking on a journey with a blank canvas, the launch of CRIMPiT Australia allowed us to sculpt a distinct identity tailored for their Australian audience. Through the creation of content aimed at resonating with mums, families, and kitchen gadget enthusiasts, we painted a vivid picture that captured the essence of CRIMPiT's innovation. By infusing a fresh colour palette and brand style, meticulously attuned to the preferences of the Australian market, we forged a unique identity that resonated deeply. The resonance was so powerful that it crossed continents, inspiring CRIMPiT UK to adopt our design approach. In the initial six months, our efforts resulted in: nearly 2,000 organic followers, an impressive Instagram engagement rate of 27%, and the ascent of a few videos that went vital organically, one reaching an astounding 297k views.

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