Is MSN making a comeback? No, it's Instagram’s latest Notes feature

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Just when we thought the days of setting our favourite song lyrics as our MSN status were over, Instagram has surprised us with a brand new feature!

Found hidden above our direct messages, you can now leave your followers a daily ‘note.’ An Instagram note is limited to just 60 characters and will be available for your followers to see within the a 24-hour time frame.

The new Instagram note blurs the lines between an Instagram story and a direct message, making it a much more informal way of reaching your whole audience. Yet, this new feature doesn’t exactly provide users with an entirely new experience, considering it’s similarity to an Instagram story.

Why not take advantage of the current hype and fun around this new feature and try reaching your audience by uploading your first Instagram note!

To do so, go to your inbox on Instagram and tap the + icon connected to your profile picture. From there, you’ll be able to write your Instagram note and choose whether you want to ‘share what’s on your mind’ with all of your followers or your Close Friends list.

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