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In October 2022, Tik Tok announced an update that allows users to share longer captions of up to 2,200 characters! 

For one, this extended description length means creators can add more information to the content they share. 

But, there’s one MAJOR advantage that brands need to know about!

Tik Tok’s update is an SEO game-changer!

Many Tik Tok users use Tik Tok as a search engine. They use the search function to seek videos on reviews, ’easy dinner recipes’, ‘cleaning hacks’ ‘skincare recommendations’, and so much more.

With 2,200 characters available in the new Tik Tok update for brands and creators to work with, captions can now be optimised for the Tik Tok search engine.

What is SEO on Tik Tok and how can you leverage it?

Social media SEO has been around for a while now.

Just like google, users can type queries into the Tik Tok search bar and be presented with an abundance of relevant videos on a desired topic. 

By writing relevant captions filled with keywords relating to your video, you may appear higher in these search results than other videos on the same topic.

Tik Tok can have a huge impact on your brand’s reach and success! 

If you need any support getting set up on Tik Tok or any other social media platform, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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