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Tik Tok for Business 2021

With over 689 million active users globally and approximately 1 million videos viewed daily, there is no doubt that Tik Tok has taken the world by storm. 

What exactly is Tik Tok?

For those who aren’t familiar with this new kid on the block, Tik Tok is a fun platform where users can create and share unique video content in a vertical format. 

Should your brand be on Tik Tok?

Being the most downloaded app in 2020, it comes to no surprise that many businesses are looking to jump on the Tik Tok bandwagon. 

The key thing to consider when deciding whether or not to invest your time and effort into Tik Tok is who your target audience is. Generally, if you’re targeting a younger age group, then leveraging Tik Tok as a marketing tool is a great idea.

Tik Tok has made it easier for brands to explore a different side of their personality. If you want to showcase a more relaxed and edgy side of your brand, then Tik Tok is the platform for you! Through creating original and authentic content, you can show off a less curated side of your brand and connect on a more personal level with your audience. This helps grow your brand’s online community, increase engagement and drive traffic to your website as well as other social media platforms.

How can you get started on Tik Tok?
  1. Download the Tik Tok app on your mobile device.
  2. Sign up with one of the 5 options on screen.
  3. Once signed up, tap the “Me” icon on the lower right corner of the page to view your profile.
  4. Click on “Edit Profile” to update your display picture & bio and link your business’ IG/Youtube accounts if any.
  5. Click on the 3 dots at the top right corner of the screen, select “Manage Account” & “Switch to Creator Account” to gain access to Tik Tok analytics.

Now that you’ve finished setting up your Creator account, scrolled through endlessly on your For You Page and familiarised yourself with the platform… What's next? 

As a new member of the Tik Tok community, you should focus on increasing awareness by following brands and influencers within your niche. On top of that, you also need to develop a content strategy by conducting frequent research and staying on top of current trends. 

Finding it challenging to get started on Tik Tok? Get in touch and we can help!

See here and here to view some of the recent Tik Tok content we created for our clients.


Delicately captured pearls for @SomeoneLikeJune 📸
#BornSocial #SomeoneLikeJune

Creating patterns using these mouthwatering treats from @RaiseTheBarFoods 🤤 ⠻
#BornSocial #RaiseTheBarFoods

Some recent video work for the folks over at @FatJaksAu 🤤 🍔 ​#BornSocial#FatJaks

Some recent styling work for @thebeautyfridgeofficial 💄✨ We had a little too much fun shooting with this amazing bunch of ladies 💃💕
🅼🅾🅳🅴🅻 @rameyma_
🅿🅷🅾🆃🅾🅶🆁🅰🅿🅷🅴🆁 @malvinaministrova.photography
🅻🅾🅲🅰🆃🅸🅾🅽 @sweetretreat.au

Some recent work for the wonderful folks over at @huntersroots cafe. 💛 This little hub in Melbourne's busy CBD offers a 'home away from home' for residents and city workers. The business is an extension of the owner's home kitchen and you really can taste the love that goes into each and every dish. 🥗

Recent graphic design work for @_TarraWarra_. This sticker was designed for their picnic packs, which feature a delicious selection of grazing food from the award-winning TarraWarra restaurant 🍷

​If you're looking for a long-weekend getaway, this picturesque estate is the place to be! 📸