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The hashtag #InstagramUpdate is trending on Twitter… and it’s not for the best.

It’s time to say goodbye to the current Instagram feed display we know all too well, and welcome a new full-screen layout that you will probably recognise from another well-known social media platform.

Since the creation of ‘Reels’, it became clear that Instagram was looking to follow in the success of Tik Tok - aligning with the latest trend of short-form user videos.

This new update shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone considering Meta revealed that since their recent introduction, Reels already make up more than 20% of the time people spend on Instagram.

However, no one was ready for such a drastic change in design. With this new full-screen layout, Instagram is looking to create a user experience that is instant, immersive, and content-driven.

Not to worry! There are a few features of the previous layout you don’t have to say goodbye to just yet. The Stories Bar will remain across the top of the feed display, as well as the bottom taskbar keeping the same navigation tools: Discovery, Reels, Shopping, and your own profile.

Just as they did with their adaption of stories from Snapchat, Instagram wants to take our attention away from Tik Tok and create a well-rounded, go-to app.

But has it worked? As a result of this new update, captions & comments have become less accessible - with the user needing to seek them out rather than the previous layout which visibly displayed captions alongside their respective content.

If one thing is clear - Instagram is no longer that same, original app made for sharing photos!

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